Computer vision and AI size recommendation technology for footwear retailers.

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The same person will be different sizes across different brands and styles. StrutFit makes sure they get the right size for that particular product.

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Easy Integration

Directly into Your website

StrutFit sits on your website. There’s no app downloads required, so customers never leave your website.

Size recommendations where you want them

Since customers are different sizes in different footwear, the information must be readily available for them to access. StrutFit sits right on your product page, giving the customer size recommendations for each product.

Any platform

StrutFit can be easily integrated into your website- regardless of which platform you’re on. So far, we’ve integrated with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and some custom websites.

Just Take a Photo

Scan in under a minute

Customers simply take a top down photo on a sheet of A4 (or Letter) paper.

use any phone

StrutFit will work with any smartphone. All of your customers will immediately be able to take advantage of your new sizing experience.

Scan only Once

Scan once, use forever. Once customers have scanned, they’ll be able to save their profile and use StrutFit every time they’re shopping.

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Personalized Size Recommendations

Key measurements

StrutFit uses proprietary algorithms to extract the key measurements from the customers’ feet, and suggest a size based on these personal measurements.


StrutFit recommends sizes depending on which brand the customer is looking at. This is far more accurate than just getting the size they “usually get”.

Growth Room

Knowing how much room there is for a child’s foot to grow comfortably is crucial in deciding the right size. StrutFit makes this buying process easy for parents.