StrutFit allows your customers to get perfect fitting footwear from the comfort of their own home.



The main reason people don't buy footwear online is due to concerns around fit. We remove this hurdle for them, making them far more likely to complete their purchase.



The ordered footwear will be the right size, so returns will be reduced. We also eliminate the need for customers to purchase multiple sizes to try-on.



Imagine your customers having complete confidence in their purchase- not anxiously waiting to see if their footwear will fit! Your customers will be thrilled to shop with you.


A jungle of size charts

Confused Customers

Each footwear brand has slightly different sizing. Customers get lost in the jungle of size charts.

Fit is the biggest barrier

The main reason that customers do not purchase footwear online is due to concerns around fit and sizing.

68% of returns are due to fit

With such difficult to use size charts, it’s not surprising that the majority of returns are due to fit issues.


StrutFit for Customers

Get your size using your smartphone

StrutFit lets you get your size by scanning your feet with your smartphone in the comfort of your own home.

Personalized size suggestions for each brand

StrutFit gives you a size depending on the brand of the shoe- since you’re never the same size in all shoes.

Scan in under a minute

StrutFit lets you quickly scan your feet with your smartphone.

Scan once, use forever

Once you’ve scanned, you can save your details to receive your size instantly for all future visits.

I love the fitting tool you have created! I don’t usually purchase online because I have no confidence that I have chosen the correct size, but this worked perfectly. Thank you so much!
— StrutFit User

Size Suggestion.png

StrutFit for Merchants

Grow your sales

StrutFit increases your conversion rates and grows your customer acquisition.

Reduce your returns

StrutFit reduces your returns by ensuring your customers get the right size.

Easy integration

StrutFit can easily be integrated into your website, regardless of the platform.

The best customer experience

Your customers will have a world class customer experience, being able to make a purchase with complete confidence.